It’s no secret that people across the US absolutely love their dogs. Texas is not only one of the largest states by size but also by population, with around 30 million people. That population translates to a ton of dogs, and people in Texas love their dogs.

Here are some of the most popular dog breeds you’re likely to spot if you visit Texas.

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Texas

1. Labrador Retriever

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Height 21–25 inches
Weight 55–80 pounds
Temperament Gentle, loving, outgoing

The Labrador Retriever is consistently one of the most popular dog breeds in the US, taking the top spot since 1990. They’re easily one of the most popular breeds in Texas, with many people keeping them as both pets and working dogs. These versatile dogs are known for their gentle, friendly nature, which often makes them suitable in homes with children and other dogs. They do require daily activity since they are prone to obesity, but many Labs are happy to lay around all day.

2. Golden Retriever

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Height 21–25 inches
Weight 55–75 pounds
Temperament Intelligent, loyal, kind

The Golden Retriever is another extremely popular dog breed in the US, and this bleeds into the state of Texas. Goldens are loved for their exceptional temperament, making them good with children and other animals. They’re excellent retrievers, as their name implies, which makes them popular duck hunting dogs in Texas. They are people-oriented dogs that are happy to participate in just about any activity that you’re doing. Like Labs, Goldens are prone to obesity so they need daily activity.

3. Yorkshire Terrier

Image Credit: Mr. SUTTIPON YAKHAM, Shutterstock
Height 5–7 inches
Weight 2–7 pounds
Temperament Confident, affectionate, sweet

Texas isn’t all outdoors and farms, which may be surprising to people who have never been there. It makes sense that the Yorkie is a popular breed in Texas, though. Many people live in urban areas and prize the manageable size of the Yorkie. These dogs are known for their big dog personalities, as well as their loving and sweet disposition toward their people. They may be standoffish with strangers but often warm up quickly. To the surprise of some people, Yorkies can be quite sporty little dogs, often excelling at agility and other canine sports.

4. French Bulldog

Image Credit: Christel SAGNIEZ, Pixabay
Height 11–13 inches
Weight 16–28 pounds
Temperament Bright, playful, sociable

The French Bulldog has rapidly grown in popularity in the US within the last decade or so, and for a good reason. These adorable dogs are bright and alert dogs that love socializing with people and animals. They are often thought of as overweight dogs, but Frenchies can be exceptionally athletic dogs. Most Frenchies love spending time with their people and will happily participate in activities with you, but it’s important to keep in mind that they have poor heat tolerance, which can be an issue in Texas during the summer.

5. Shih Tzu

Image Credit: Dietmar Sobotzki, Pixabay
Height 8–11 inches
Weight 9–16 pounds
Temperament Playful, gentle, independent

The Shih Tzu is an elegant dog that is known for its long, beautiful coat. They are popular in urban areas in Texas due to their small size and their level of independence. Although Shih Tzus loves spending time with people, they are often independent enough to be comfortable at home alone while you’re at work, making them a great option for working adults. They do have high grooming needs, so it’s important to find a good groomer near you. Like the French Bulldog, the Shih Tzu does have a low heat tolerance due to its shortened snout.

6. Bulldog

Image Credit: Pixabay
Height 12–15 inches
Weight 40–50 pounds
Temperament Willful, protective, friendly

The Bulldog is a breed popular for its cute appearance, with its stocky body and smushed face. They’re extremely popular dogs with people who keep them, but they can be extremely stubborn, so the Bulldog is not a good breed for just anyone. They’re often friendly dogs with a happy but protective temperament. They make good guard dogs and can be quite athletic. Like the previous two breeds, the Bulldog does have a flat face, so its heat tolerance is low.

7. Australian Cattle Dog

Image Credit: lara-sh, Shutterstock
Height 18–20 inches
Weight 35–50 pounds
Temperament Wary, energetic, obedient

The Australian Cattle Dog is popular with Texans as both pets and working dogs. They are often kept on farms, but many people keep them as pets as well. The ACD is a highly active dog that requires a lot of time daily to burn excess energy. They often make poor apartment dogs because of this, but they’re popular in urban areas with active young people who have the time to spend with their dogs every day. These dogs may be wary of strangers, but they typically warm up quickly to new people.

8. Vizsla

Image Credit: martine552, Pixabay
Height 21–24 inches
Weight 45–65 pounds
Temperament Loyal, energetic, quiet

The Vizsla is a breed that is gaining popularity among Texans who have an active lifestyle. These dogs are generally quiet, making them suitable for apartment living, but like the ACD, the Vizsla requires lots of daily exercise to burn energy. They’re popular with Texans who spend a lot of time outdoors participating in activities like hiking and cycling. They can be used as working dogs, but they are less popular for this purpose than kept as companion pets. This breed’s short coat makes them suitable for hot Texas summers, but care should still be taken to prevent overheating.

9. Blue Lacy

Image Credit: Jessica Lobsinger, Shutterstock
Height 17–25 inches
Weight 25–55 pounds
Temperament Loyal, protective, bold

The Blue Lacy may not be a breed you’ve ever heard of, but most Texans have. This breed was developed in Texas during the late 1900s to serve as hunting and herding dogs. They’re an active breed that is known to be protective of its people, often exhibiting high levels of confidence and courage. They’re very loyal dogs that are likely to be aloof with strangers but are often good with children. Some people do keep them as pets, but they require daily activity to keep them physically and mentally active.

10. Mutt

Image By: 12photography, Shutterstock
Height Varies
Weight Varies
Temperament Varies

One of the most popular dogs in Texas is the good old-fashioned mutt, also sometimes called an All American or Heinz 57. These dogs can be any combination of breeds, so their size and temperament exist on a huge spectrum. There are a large number of stray dogs in Texas, so many people seek to adopt dogs from shelters and rescues instead of purchasing from a breeder. Due to this desire to help dogs, many people end up with mutts. Although not a true breed of their own, mutts can make fantastic pets, and their versatility makes them suitable for a variety of home environments.

Final Thoughts

There are around 7.2 million dogs in the state of Texas, so these 10 breeds are barely scratching the surface of the dogs that live in the state. However, if you go for a walk anywhere in Texas, these are the breeds you’re most likely to spot at the local park or on hiking trails. You may see them in urban or rural settings as well. Texans love their dogs, so you’re likely to spot many dogs being treated like family members in this large state.

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