cat with mouth wide open

You are probably all too familiar with a cat’s rough, sandpaper-like tongue. Getting a kiss from the cat can make it feel like you’re getting your skin scraped off. That’s a huge difference from those slobbery, wet dog kisses. Have you ever stopped to wonder why cats have tongues with such a rough, uncomfortable texture?… Read More

possum outdoors

Generally, possums are fairly docile and non-aggressive. They don’t seek out other animals to attack and tend to prefer confrontations. Preferably, possums will hide or escape when they can instead of getting into a fight. However, if they are threatened and cornered, they may injure a cat. Of course, because possums try to stay away… Read More

bombay cat sitting on a table

Bombay cats are a rare breed. They haven’t been around for that long, which is why there are so few of them. They were bred to resemble panthers, so they are completely black and often quite active. However, this look also makes them desirable and drives up the price. Usually, when a Bombay kitten is… Read More

Bernese Mountain Dog standing on water

Bernese Mountain Dogs are extremely versatile working dogs that came from the alpine farmlands of Switzerland. They were developed to herd and work cattle, pull carts, and act as guard dogs and companions to their families. But are Bernese Mountain Dogs smart? Yes, Bernese Mountain Dogs are smart. They’re suited to obedience, tracking, herding, and… Read More

labrador service dog guiding a disabled person

Dogs are people’s best friends for more reasons than just their friendly, adoring natures. They also have the unique ability to keep us safe and help if we have mental, emotional, or physical health conditions. Service dogs enable many people to manage their disabilities and take part in everyday activities. If you’ve decided that a… Read More

Rhodesian Ridgeback on Sand

Depending on their tail length, dogs have between 319 and 321 bones in their body. This number is consistent regardless of a dog’s size. A tiny Yorkie has the same number of bones as a Great Dane; it’s just that the sizes of the bones are different. Humans, in contrast, only have 206 bones. The… Read More

white poodle grooming

Tipping service providers is a common practice throughout the United States, especially in restaurants. There are times when it is appropriate, if not expected, to offer a tip. However, there are times when tipping isn’t appropriate. Unfortunately, there is no universal tipping guide that we all receive once we become adults! When it comes to… Read More

zinnia flowers

Consuming the wrong plants is one of the most common reasons cats head to the emergency veterinarian. As every cat parent knows, prevention always beats the worry and concern of having to take your cat in for an emergency veterinarian visit. So, what about zinnias? Are these delicate yet hardy, colorful flowers okay to include… Read More

tabby cat staring at the snake

You may have seen some comical videos of cats flying away from cucumbers floating around the internet. People have posited that this fear comes from a natural, biological aversion to things shaped like snakes, and veterinarians and other animal science experts have largely backed this conclusion. However, that doesn’t mean cats are afraid of snakes…. Read More

cat rubbing against owner

If you have an unspayed female cat that has reached sexual maturity, you’re probably familiar with the yowling, spraying, rolling around on the floor, and begging to go outside that tend to accompany her estrus cycle. Female cats in heat also frequently rub against walls, doorposts, and people; it’s a way of spreading pheromones and… Read More

a welsh corgi pembroke dog taking a bath with shampoo

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer as to how often you should bathe your dog because it will depend on the type of dog breed you have, their fur quality and length, along with any health issues they may have. However, most dog owners will bathe their canine companions every 2–3 months. Some will bathe… Read More

a dozen of eggs on a tray

Dogs should generally not be consuming more than one boiled and deshelled egg a day. Eggs are not harmful to dogs; however, they should be fed in moderation like all foods. Most dog owners will offer eggs to dogs who are fed a raw and homemade diet instead of commercial dog food. Some recipes will… Read More

german shepherd dog lying on wooden table outdoors

It can be easy to tell if your dog is a puppy, however, it becomes far more difficult to determine how old your dog is once they are mature and fully grown. Although there is no definite way to tell how old your dog is, there are certain factors that you can look at to… Read More

cute ragdoll cat outdoors

Cat parents automatically think their cats are the cutest things to walk the planet. Some cats have their owners wrapped around their paws, and they know it. Sometimes, cats seem to “perform” for us by leaping in the air or playing with their favorite cat toy. But do cats know that they’re cute?  The answer… Read More

Doberman Pinscher in the woods

Dobermans are strong dogs that protect their territories and families fiercely. Because of this, they may get bad reputations as being aggressive dogs, but they love their humans and are loyal companions. For the dog lover that wants a dog for protection and is an experienced Doberman owner, you can’t go wrong with owning one…. Read More

bamboo forest

Bamboo is actually an evergreen perennial plant. This hardy plant is sustainable and has many uses, such as making hardwood floors and furniture. Bamboo is strong and has even been used to build buildings. It’s also a food source. With that said, can cats eat bamboo? Is bamboo toxic to plants? To answer this question,… Read More

milk outdoor

Many think milk and cats go hand in hand, mostly because of cartoons and comic strips. Illustrations show cats lapping up a saucer full of milk or cream, and it looks like the cat is in heaven. While the cat may look like it’s in Heaven, is that really the case afterward? Can cats really… Read More

dog sniffing at the owner

A dog’s sixth sense is no secret. They’re deeply attuned to human moods and emotions and know exactly when to comfort us when we’ve got a case of the blues, can sniff out even the subtlest sign that something isn’t quite right, and even, in some cases, detect when a person is unwell. But can… Read More